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SAP STAR trainee, Computational Science & Engineering @ TU Munich. Aspiring software craftsman, writer, personal development nerd, linguaphile and salsero 🕺. See here what I'm doing now or my longer intro here.

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[Tutorial]: Bootsrapping your custom Kubernetes with kubeadm

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster with kubeadm using your customized Kubernetes fork. This might be useful if you want to use new features that are not yet merged in the upstream. For development, it’s of course much easier to set up a local cluster (./hack/local-up-cluster.sh), but to test functionality across different nodes, you might need a distributed cluster. One option is to install it The hard way, but I think it’s more convenient to use kubeadm.

[Tutorial]: Kubernetes stateful pod migration

This is an extensive tutorial on how to set up a Kubernetes cluster that supports pod migration. Why Statelessness is the basic foundation for microservices run inside Kubernetes. Outside it’s main application domain, the platform also appeals to the High Performance Computing (HPC) community for that infrastructure management can be delegated to cloud providers and it’s on-demand scaling. The challenge is that HPC jobs are usually long running and stateful. Jobs such as simulations or optimization problems usually keep their state in memory and state checkpointing on disk is not always available.

[Tutorial]: K8s Monitoring with InfluxDB's Telegraf

InfluxDB is an Open-Source timeseries database which can be used for monitoring Kubernetes clusters. In this tutorial, I want to show you step by step how to get a dashboard with metrics on Kuberntes resource usage of podes and nodes. It’s not difficult, but the official documentation is outdated and confusing, so I hope to make it easier for you. We will use InfluxDB2 which includes a nice dashboard and supports the Flux QL query language.

My semester in Barcelona

Last September, I moved to Barcelona for an exchange semester at UPC. Now that I’m leaving the city, I want to look back on the past months. Living in Spain was a dream come true. Since I was little, I felt attracted to the country: the people, the language and the weather. Barcelona was an obvious choice after falling in love with the city and making a good friend there in 2018.

2022 - Goals

TLDR, the short version is at the end :)
I hope you had a good start in the new year! I’m late in the game, but I want to share my goals for this year with you.

My fuckups of 2021

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing - Henry Ford. In 2021, I took more time to reflect on my failures. While doing my yearly review, I decided to pick 3 fuckups and share them with you. Maybe it can help you, avoid similar mistakes. And if not, may my naiveness at least make you laugh! The MacBook that proved light as air Earlier this year, I bought a used MacBook Air.