Berlin, Germany

Professional status quo:

  • Computational Science & Engineering (M.Sc.) student at TU Munich
  • Trainee as part of the SAP STAR program

Current work project:

  • writing my Master’s thesis on resource management for HPC jobs with unpredictable memory needs in Kubernetes. I investigate the feasibility of job migration when a node runs out of memory. I’m looking both into complete containter / pod migration as well as application specific checkpointing of optimization problems. The goal is to improve the cluster memory utilization while ensuring an unimpaired quality of service.

My freetime:

🎸 Learning my first instrument: ukulele

🕺 Salsa (intermediate) classes

👨‍💻 learning Rust. Currently reading Rust in action.

📚 Principles by Ray Dalio, Difficult Conversations

Updated on 2022-05-02