Me in 5 minutes

On this page, I want to shortly introduce my humble self to let you quickly get to know me. I hope that it can be helpful to trigger interesting conversations and maybe it helps you to speed up understanding me better :)

Invitation to reach out

If anything below speaks to you, raises questions or curiosity, then this page has already fulfilled it’s purpose. I have a standing invitation for you to contact me about anything that comes to your mind.

I love to exchange with people who share interests and will try my best to answer questions or discuss ideas!

You can reach me at, but I am also happy to talk either in person (my location is updated under now) or on the phone.

Me in pictures

My interests


  • Clean code and TDD
  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • Golang, C++, JavaScript, Python development
  • Linux
  • Vim


  • Books that can be applied to everyday life (my book notes)
  • Writing & Blogging
  • Mental Models & Decision-making
  • Language learning: Chinese, Spanish, English, …
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Salsa
  • Finance & investing: mainly ETFs, but open to others


  • 1999: born in Berlin
  • 2013: first attempts to learn programming
  • 2015: curiosity spike for physics (particle physics, relativity,quantum mechanics)
  • 2016: started self-learning Chinese
  • 2017: first time living abroad in Mexico for 5 weeks
  • 2017: discovered Salsa dancing
  • 2019: exchange semester at Tsinghua university, Beijing
  • 2020: deep dive into C++, web and HPC during intern at startup in Berlin (dive solutions)
  • 2020: joined SpeedupBuddy mentoring and got intrigued about self-improvement
  • 2020: COVID made me discover blogging, yoga and meditation
  • 2021: exchange semester at UPC, Barcelona

About me

I’m a minimalist

I believe that few is more and don’t attach to objects emotionally. I want to be able to move my belongings in one big suitcase. Much beyond what I need feels like a burden to me. I appreciate presents for their gesture and less for their value. I love the Chinese saying 礼轻情意重: small present, but big affection. So the best presents for me are most likely those that I can use up and are not expensive :)

I’m an introvert

I enjoy being with and getting to know new people, but after a while I need some time alone again to recharge. That’s why I am not into hanging out all day, but prefer occasional, intentional gatherings where I can be fully present. I choose talking one-on-one over groups.

Critique > compliments

I think that there is more to learn from constructive critique and don’t feel attacked by it. I don’t refer to shouting complaints during a quarrel (although they are still helpful right?), but rather to tactful words of concern to make us aware of our weaknesses. This type of critique is rare, because it requires courage, intimacy, and tactfulness. Moreover, they are never uttered out of courtesy (as opposed to compliments). Of course, compliments are nice to hear, but flatter me with critique please :)

Personalities are fluid

Just like water, I want to shape my personality according to the current circumstances and values, oblivious of the past. I don’t stick to past traits just because that’s how people know me. Yesterday I was shy, polite and cold. Now, I want to be frank, direct, affectionate and seek encounters with new people. Tomorrow, I will be different.